CachePilot Plus update

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CachePilot PlusEquiinet introduces unique data backup option for schools with CachePilot Plus.

The CachePilot Plus holds the widest range of content of any device available. The new option uniquely also combines comprehensive caching functionality with that of an automated data backup device.

Caching and content distribution specialist, Equiinet, has announced the release of a new option for its well established and market leading CachePilot product range. This new offering uniquely combines comprehensive caching functionality with that of an automated data backup device.

Equiinet has over ten years experience in the security and caching arena and just under half that with data backup devices. Over 12,000 schools currently use a variety of CachePilot models. The company has now decided that creating a combined technology device will appeal to schools looking to get the most out of their continually squeezed ICT budgets.

Equiinet Marketing Director, David Abbot comments “Typically, caching and content devices in education establishments are working hard all day accelerating the internet and feeding eLearning materials locally. Overnight they are totally dormant. Now the new CachePilot Plus can augment data backup regimes by automatically taking backups of servers and PCs during this normally quiet period – providing true 24×7 benefits for our customers. In addition, schools now potentially only require space and power for a single dual purpose device.”

“We don’t see schools necessarily throwing out their existing tape drives” continues Abbot. “However, we think this offers a great ‘belt-and-bracers’ approach, augmenting what is already in place. For example, if the responsible person forgets to mount the backup tape or is away from school for any reason, or perhaps the tape gets chewed up, with Equiinet’s new CachePilot backup option key data is still safe. Data files are backed up automatically without the need for any tapes or human intervention to large capacity disk drives housed within the CachePilot Plus unit. Even better, rapid restoration of data can be achieved during the day time period at a much faster rate than attempting to find the right tape and puzzling what to do next.”

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