This product has now been retired – it’s replacement isĀ TinaPilot

Equiinet’s ServerPilot, seamlessly integrates all Equiinet’s product functions in one powerful unit. Not only is it an advanced cache and content server; it can be a fully automated backup device too, or an internal firewall for controlling access across multiple local networks, or a gateway firewall complete with VPN access or, in fact, any of Equiinet’s products- all in one powerful appliance.

  • Local backup device for Servers, PCs and Laptops
  • Advanced web filtering & reporting
  • Firewall with VPN
  • Bandwidth Optimisation- enables pre-caching of documents
  • Powerful server that supports many functions – just mix-and-match
  • Stores, updates and delivers content locally
  • Provides a uniquely secure method of automatic data updating
  • Includes web server, removing other hardware requirements
  • Boasts sophisticated management statistics and logs
  • Includes comprehensive web access controls
  • Pre-loaded with content of your choice
  • Fully integrates with most popular URL filtering systems
  • Backup services with a restore element


Click here for ServerPilot Summary Sheet