TinaPilot US Launch

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Equiinet is delighted to announce the launch of their US sister company, Ubiquita Inc.

Ubiquita is a Las Vegas based company providing enterprise quality, intelligently integrated communication, security and IT services targeted toward small to medium sized businesses. Ubiquita offers a wide range of feature-rich services over a customer’s existing broadband connection, providing a more efficient and cost effective working environment.

Leith Martin, Ubiquita’s President said, “We’ve been amazed by the response received from resellers and end users since our launch – the service we offer is a bit of a no-brainer when it comes to saving significant amounts of money and improving end user experience. Ubiquita provides total network security, off-site data backup and a fully functional digital phone system, to mention just a few of its services, all wrapped-up in a single low monthly payment.”

TinaPilot (Telephony Integrated Network Appliance) is the latest addition to the Equiinet family of products and combines Voice and Data communication solutions using converged technologies of VoIP and sophisticated QoS (Quality of Service).  TinaPilot is pushing the boundaries in next generation integrated systems as a simple ‘Comms-in-a-Box’ solution is easily installed by resellers and easily understood by end users.

Keith Baker, Equiinet’s MD said, “We are excited to be working with the management team at Ubiquita, after extensive research and a hugely successful US trial we’re convinced the market is ready, We look forward to a prosperous future.”

Equiinet’s brand re-fresh – Dec 2012

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Equiinet embark on a corporate re-fresh and brand new website

Having been established since 1998, Keith Baker and his team at Equiinet have taken yet another technology leap and introduced voice into their product portfolio to extend their reach into the Telecoms market. Equiinet is also now able to provide a complete package in support of this, such as connectivity, numbers and call minutes, to its resellers that don’t have such offerings themselves.

To complement the new product development, Equiinet thought it was time for a brand re-fresh and new website in line with the advances they had made and to announce their move into Telecoms.

Their new website has an uncluttered, corporate feel and tells visitors all they need to know about Equiinet- who they are, where they started, where they are now and most importantly, how they can help resellers and end-user organisations. Their website is up and running at www.equiinet.com.

Equiinet has pioneered the manufacture of extremely secure server appliances for more than twelve years, and now focuses on fully converged Voice & Data products and the services to support these. ‘Inspiring innovation’ is the Equiinet mantra and it keeps them at the forefront of technological development giving clients the peace of mind that their devices are not only secure but easy to install, use and support.

The latest addition to the Equiinet family of products, TinaPilot (Telephony Integrated Network Appliance), combines Voice and Data communication solutions packaged-up in a simple ‘Comms-in-a-box’ solution. It’s a single-box product that delivers high quality digital telephony services combined with data services that include internet access, UTM (Unified Threat Management), web filtering, backup facilities and more.

Equiinet is now looking for new resellers who, with this product, can maximise on their existing wholesale services, or, if they don’t have such services, they can use Equiinet’s. All Equiinet resellers receive on-going technical training and marketing support to enable them to offer their customers the best service possible.

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