Become an Equiinet Reseller

Sell more services & increase your recurring revenue using one easy product!

TinaPilot combines Voice and Data communication solutions packaged up in a simple ‘Comms-in-a-box’ product that can use your existing wholesale services, if you have them, or use Equiinet’s if you do not. Either way Equiinet resellers sell a higher volume and wider breadth of services compared to many of their competitors who focus on one service at a time. Equiinet resellers receive ongoing technical training and marketing support to enable them to offer their customers the best service possible.

TinaPilot Resellers receive all of this as standard with no initial outlay:

  • Call minutes (optional)
  • Online configurator portal
  • Telephone and email support
  • Next-day replacement of faulty units
  • Free sales and technical training
  • Marketing support
  • Pre-sales support

TinaPilot End Users receieve all of this as standard:

  • TinaPilot box
  • Connectivity (optional)
  • SIP trunk (optional)
  • Number and/or number porting (optional)
  • Free new-feature and software upgrades
  • Next-day replacement of faulty units
  • Subscription service


If you wish to become an Equiinet Reseller, contact us at